Thursday, September 27, 2007

Guide to Style

Am I the only person completely intrigued by Bravo’s Tim Gunn, the Fashion Guru? We got to know and love Tim on Bravo’s Project Runway and now he has his own spin-off show “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style”. If you’ve never seen the show, you’re truly missing out. BUT, I could definitely do without Ms. Veronica Webb and her Salt-n-Pepa/Kelis bob.

Tim is flamboyantly dignified. I don’t know what country he’s from but I’m almost positive his diet consists of mostly tea and crumpets. He handles the guests so appropriately. He’s fainfully honest, yet as delicate as Grey Poupon on a croissant.

Can NOT wait to hear what advice he has for the new contestants on Project Runway 4.

"Make It WORK!"

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Untitled (How Does It Feel)

I sit here in front of my laptop with indescribable feelings. On Friday, August 31, 2007 my boyfriend asked me to marry him! I was(and still am) so very happy. I was just looking upside his head like "Heeyy boo!" Lol.. Of course, I said YES!

The funny thing about life is that you think you know so much about it and then you get that curve ball. You think that you're perfectly happy being single, sexy and free until you find a love that makes you wonder what the hell you were doing before you met this person. Not that he or she dominates your life, but the way things just "work" make you wonder...

I thank God for knowing what I need better than I do. I thank Him for a realistic love that's mine. I thank Him for EJL...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Make Up your Mind!!!

I can’t stand an ole indecisive MF! I mean what other things does Diddy possibly have going on to where he can’t decide which 4 aiiiight dudes he wanna put in a group? He ain’t doing ish else beside looking thick and wearing white pants! Geesh! Bad Boy damn sure ain't cranking out no aritst, or hits. I'm still salty about that whole Carl Thomas fiasco.

I’m watching tv, not turning during commercial breaks just so he can get up and watoosy his a** up outta there. I musta looked up at my clock so quick, like “WTF! This is why I don’t fool with Puff now!” (He better care…lol). I think the guys are more driven than the girls ever were. Mike probably hasn't had cheese in 8 months! Damn Grilled Cheese Whore.

I’d pick:

*Robert (That new haircut is bogus, just for the record. They gave him a Frizzle- a 'fro that drizzles)
*Willie ( Rep my City boo! )
*Donnie (token WB)
**Toss up between DeAngelo, Quanell, and Dyshon

Sorry Mike, Brian A., Jeremy, Brian “ Cut this ish off” H.- Yall are out. God Bless you and Good Luck.

So who would you pick?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Roll Out!

Why did yall get me started with these things?
My relationship with these shates(shoe skates), is bittersweet.
I want to trip a kid when I see them kick that lil foot out in the front and roll out. However, I WANT A PAIR! WTF! Do these come in a size 10? I would be unstoppable!
I can see it now, somebody'll walk up to me talking that ish and I kick push on they ass! Fortunately, none of my nephews or neices have a pair, cuz I would playa hated on them a LONG time ago! Hide their ish and try 'em on when they're not looking. Damn shame....
Why would you buy this for your kid?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My List of things to do before I die...

***In no particular order ***

1. Slap a crying kid not related to me.
  • If I hear one more whining a** toddler.....

2. Trip a little kid running anywhere running is not allowed.

  • Church, libraries, grocery stores and malls.

3. Roll over the foot of a person in a wheelchair, just to see what that do.

  • Not regular handicapped people, I mean the MFs who are in wheelchairs and scoot down the street. WTF! You ain't getting no change outta me if I know your (dis) ABLED a** can scoot.

4. Walk up behind an unsuspecting stranger and yell as loud as I can "MOOOOOOVVVEEEEE!"

5. Snatch off anyone's wig and run like HELL. Try to catch me Biotch!

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Life on the D-List

Kathy Griffin- WATCH OUT!

I've got to be the black Kathy Griffin- but way more fresher, wit a lot less effort! I went to the Indiana WACK Expo in Indianapolis Saturday and I'm sad that I'll never get those hours of my life back. The actual "Expo" was the worst part. It was like every elemetary and high school gave out free tickets to the expo and told anyone who wanted to go to meet at the school at 8:00 am for a free ride up there. They should rename that town Rainbow Central, Indiana. If I see one more plastic necklace, bracelet or earring I'm going to JUMP! So many colors all jumbled up together on one body!

That's not even the killer, EVERY girl under the age of 23 had at LEAST 4 styles on one head. A swoop, twistie in the back going into the spiral curled, mohawk! UGH! Overload must have been omitted from the Indiana State Dictionary.

We also attended a Fashion Show hosted by Eva. We saw her on the elevator and she was FIERCE honey! Real cute until...... she played my friend. LMAO! My girls were pulling out their cameras getting that ish ready(while we were still on the elevator) when Eva turned around and was like:
" Are you guys going to the fashion show?"
"Ok, well, I'll take a picture with you there"

LMAO! I was rolling. Eva styled on us real quick! Knowing damn well she wasn't taking no pictures at no fashion show! LMAO.. And my one girl was heated. I tried to calm her down by telling her that maybe it's in her contract that she can only take pics at the events. No luck- she was still salty.

Despite all of the daytime wackness, we went to a party at the Convention Center and it actually wasn't that bad. The DJ was from my FABULOUS city and he represented. This leads me to my Kathy Griffin status. While my friends and I were in VIP, we mingled with the C-List stars and took a few pics. They were cool peeps, but the main thing that made them C-List is the fact that you only know who they are by the roles they played. For example, we saw "The twins mama from ATL, you know, Tyra's best friend" and " The bald headed daddy from Soul Food, you know, the one that was trying to talk to Maya on Girlfriends", and "We-bay from The Wire...oh.... you don't watch The Wire like that?....He be in videos too though" and an easier one " Niecey from Moesha". Of course the BET people were sprinikled in, including the cutie Terrance sans Rocsi (thank God!)

Don't get me wrong, it was great to hang with my girls and get away for a sec, but I'm cool on INDY.

The moral of the story is: " They don't call it NAP-Town for nothin'..."

Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Morning Vodka

It's Summertime at a University. It's Monday. It's just slow. After checking my email and my fave blogs, I checked my MySpace account. I did the usual, ya know, checked out my friends, new comments, pics etc. I was just minding my own damn business when I got my Monday Morning shot of Vodka. All I'm saying is, if you know you "don't photograph well" do NOT set THAT ONE as your profile pic, please. I do NOT need that kick in the chest on a big Monday. Save that Fugly ish for a Wednesday, so I can have something to laugh at the rest of the week. LOL..

~Jesus Take the Wheel...~